Choosing the Right Company

First, it is important to choose a qualified and certified moving company with excellent references.

Ask for certificates of technical capacity, insurance’s proof of your move or freight to be transported and check the suitability of the company with the Consumer Protection Agency and complaint sites.

If possible, visit the office to see the facilities, vehicles and responsible personnel. When choosing a moving company, be aware of services to be executed, the duties and obligations to both contracted and the contractor.

As a FIDI/FAIM certified affiliate, Transworld Moving Brazil  fully supports the FIDI “ABC Charter” detailing the Ani-Bribery and Anti-Corruption regulations in our industry.  We require our global agent partners to maintain strict compliance to this charter when handling any shipments on behalf of Transworld Moving Brazil.

Please review the following policies:

1) Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy (click here)

2) Data protection and information policy (click here)

3) Our Code of Ethics (click here)

Tips for a Successful Move

Mail and Bills

Update your information in bank accounts, insurance, water, electricity, gas, telephone, cable TV, internet, journals, etc.

Request transfers, terminations, later activations of the services required.

If possible, keep a contact to receive mailing from your previous address.

Items of Value, Firearms and Documents

Works of art should be displayed and photographed in order to be evaluated by IPHAN (National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute) and for insurance.

Items not transported: firearms, jewelry and watches, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, camcorders, money, documents.

These items and similar to those mentioned above should be kept in your place of trust or bank vault.

Cautions for the Moving Day

It is client's responsibility to request the condominium entrance and exit authorizations for the trucks and crew. You must reserve space for the truck in front of the residence, free access to elevators and halls for loading and unloading.

The available locations and schedule reserved for our staff's activities must be scheduled in advance with Transworld.

Do not schedule your move on days of flea market/food and fruit street fair, because they can hinder our work team.

Personal Care on Moving Day

Prepare a snack or meal to consume on the moving day, preferably with disposable objects. On this day it is impossible to use the kitchen. Separate your utensils for use in another residence promptly.

We recommend that prescription medications are transported with the users, to be available if needed.

Take the kids to a relative or friend's house on the moving day.

If you need to be out on the moving day, ask a relative or friend to be in charge for you.

Organization for Moving Utensils and Equipment

Choose a place of your home to place all cleaning supplies: broom, mop, bucket, etc.

Take foods that can spread or damage packages. Perishable food should never be stored to be taken.

Leave linens and towels folded for easy packing.

Unplug the refrigerator and freezer the day before the change. After drying them, leave the doors open to prevent mold. For long trips, we recommend placing charcoal to prevent odor and mildew. Turn on refrigerator and freezer at least three hours after being placed.

Microwave's glass tray must be left inside the unit. It will be packed properly.

The cartridges of inkjet printers should be removed, sealed with tape and sealed in plastic to prevent equipment damage and leakage.

Do not try to handle the mattress, this can cause fabric damage. The packers are trained to protect them in appropriate packaging.

Removal of built-in furniture, plants, special installations and other equipment

Consult a technician to evaluate and budget for the removal or placement of gas, electrical and hydraulic installations, exhaust fans, electrical appliances, stove, shower, washing machine, dishwasher, dishes, microwaves, freezers, lamps, tables, prints and elements similar to those cited.

Traditional Air-conditioning may only be removed and not installed. We don't install or uninstall split models.

A technician should also be consulted for disassembly and assembly of built-in furnitures.

Transworld does not perform assembly of new furniture and furnishings previously disassembled by third parties. We have specialized partners for these services, whose budget must be requested separately.

In case you want to carry your curtains and blinds, ask a qualified professional do disassemble and cleaning / washing before moving, and their subsequent installation.

The company carries for free plants and their vases, but is not responsible for damage to vases or retaining the barriers between states.

Personal items, fragile and items that are not transported

Separate personal items you will use and should not be packed (pants, shirts, underwear, shoes, toothbrush, paste, soap, medicines and so on). Make a list of these items and store them in your suitcase.

If there is something that should not be transported, write in a paper, highlighted: "WARNING: DO NOT TAKE" and leave the note attached to the object or box.

In case you packed your own box with very personal and fragile objects, write "FRAGILE" and leave the note attached to the box. Remember that this package will not be the responsibility of Transworld.

Equipment using combustible fuel

Gas and water cylinders are only transported empty.

Other equipment that use fuel or oil must have emptied their reservoirs.

We do not carry toxic, flammable or explosive products, animals and items similar to those cited.

In the case of beverages and perfumes, completely seal the bottles using natural nail polish, paraffin or tape.

Cars and Motorbikes

Transworld can also transport your car or motorbike in your move, but you must take some precautions:

For the transport of car and motorcycle, the documents should be submitted completed and updated.

Important: Keep the fuel tank in low level.

what our client say about us

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We are a National and International Moving Company. Transworld was founded in Brazil in 1985. We first opened for business in a modest office. Transworld started with very few employees, but from the very beginning, we had a commitment to customer service, and a great eagerness to succeed. After years of growth, that small company that had its start in a modest office, expanded into a dynamic company with an unquestionable commitment to meet all our client’s moving needs.

Transworld plays an important role in the moving industry, being the favorite choice of families, expatriates, executives, multinational companies, embassies and consulates as well as institutions from both of public and private sectors – in short, anyone wishing to move his home, his possessions, his world. During these years we have established the basic philosophy that governs the way we serve you.



Since 1985 Transworld is considered to be among the best International and National moving company in Brazil.

Transworld plays an important role in the moving industry, being the favorite choice of families, expatriates, executives, multinational companies, embassies and consulates as well as institutions from both public and private sectors; in short, anyone wishes to move his possessions, his home, his world.


Transworld is bonded to the largest and most demanding international associations of the moving industry. The FAIM certification (More rigorous than the ISO 9001:2000) guarantees a high level of door-to-door, working together with our network of equally qualified agents worldwide.
Transworld's team frequently takes part in trainings and seminars in Brazil and abroad keeping up with all innovative techniques in our industry.


We know that each object can be of great worth and or sentimental value to the owner. Therefore, we give a special treatment to all items to be packed. You can be sure your fragile items will be intact when they arrive.
From the quality of the packing material we use, to the packing training given to our moving professionals, Transworld is always focused on giving the maximum protection to all your belongings in order to provide you peace of mind!