Requirements and Customs Regulations

Please note that all of the following documents must be sent to us at least 7 days before the arrival of the ship to Brazil and must have all signatures notarized and copies legalized in Brazil or the Embassy / Consulate abroad.

For all shipments

Notarized copies of passport (all pages), Brazilian ID and CPF card;

Notarized copy of the airline ticket of arrival in Brazil;

List of goods (in Portuguese) shipped, with values in USD and signed by shipper;

Notarized Power of Attorney, issued by a Notary Public (model supplied by Transworld);

Proof of residence in Brazil such as utilities bill or rental contract;

Notarized copy of document under your name that proves residence abroad for more than 01 year (Certificate issued by Brazilian Consulate or the last 13 utility bills, etc).

Note: Please note that the Brazilian Customs will not accept simple copies, documents scanned or faxed.

Brazilians returning or immigrants holding permanent visa:

Must have lived abroad for more than 365 days and must obtain from the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate, at origin, a residence certificate or bring documents such as utilities bill proving shipper has lived abroad for more than 365 days.

Customs will check how many days you came to Brazil during these last 12 months. If you stayed more than 45 days they will charge taxes.

Immigrant with temporary visa (work visa)

Shipper must have a work contract in Brazil and the shipment will only be cleared with a Guarantee Bond signed by the owner. The visa entrance must already be stamped in the passport by our Federal Police.

Please only send the shipment when you are sure client has all papers in order.This will avoid delays on clearance and the payment of high port/airport expenses.


Diplomats must apply for the diplomatic franchise before arrival of shipment in Brazil. Client must request it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty).

Imports of new and used vehicles for diplomats:
Only foreign diplomats are allowed to import vehicles without paying taxes.

Please note that when there is move and a car in the same container, orgin agent must issue 2 OBLs separately (1 for move and 1for the car). This will prevent delays and high costs with demurrage and storage port.

Import of New Vehicles (0 KM) and Old (over 30 years)

For the import of new cars (0 km) and old with more than 30 years , a registration of the importer should be done for Brazilian Customs (RADAR system).

For more details, contact us (

Alcoholic Beverages

Tax free for 12 bottles, if more than 12 bottles, shipper will pay 50% tax on the declared value. It is the prerogative of inspectors to confiscate or to accept payment of taxes.

Weapons, ammunition and dangerous objects

Subject to approval by the Army Ministry before leaving the country.


Liftvans, airvans, bulkheads, wooden boxes, crates and any other wooden packing material must be stamped and fumigated and a fumigation certificate must be sent to us with the OBL.

List of Prohibited Items

Plants, narcotics, drugs, food, cans. Cars, electric bikes, electric scooters, boats of any kind and drones. Any engine that uses fuel like gasoline or diesel, propane fuel tank (even if it’s empty), fire arms. There are many other items, please check with us before sending any item not common in a household goods shipment.


Cats and Dogs required Health and Vaccination Certificates.

Important Note

New items are no longer subject to pay duties.

Special Instructions
Shippers must be in Brazil before arrival of shipment;

Shippers arriving in Brazil must keep with them copy of air ticket as it will be necessary for customs clearance;

For shippers with Temporary (work) Visa, Transworld should be informed in advance, in order for us to contact client, as to the necessary documents needed for the Guarantee bond;

Please advise shippers (unless instructed by you), C/Clearance fees, THC, Port/Airport Storage, demurrage , if any, are invoiced in Brazil. Do not send shipments without visa confirmation from shipper nor if shipper has a Tourist Visa.

Shipments must arrive in Brazil within 180 days of shipper’s arrival in Brazil. All imports without exceptions pay port/airport storage in Brazil over CIF Value declared, in periods of 02 weeks.


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